The Island Curio Store, downtown Honolulu, about 1905.
A major publisher of Hawai'i postcards in the early 1900's.
(photo courtesy Hawai'i State Archives)

The following is a list of publishers of Hawaii picture postcards (standard size 3 1/2" x 5 1/2") up to about 1990. It is fairly complete and the club would welcome any verifiable additions. The only criteria is that the picture side is related in some way to Hawaii. Unrelated postcards (e.g. Santa Claus) postmarked in Hawaii have not been included. Many Hotels and Restaurants publish their own postcards. Only major Hotels and Restaurants plus Hotels and Restaurants that no longer exist have been included.

 ---- UPDATED January 9 2010 ----

The grand total is now 217 publishers ! (the actual total is a little less than this, since some publishers appear in both sections - undivided backs and divided backs.)

The 3-letter code next to the publisher is the abbreviation assigned to that publisher by the Hawaii Postcard Club. See alphabetical list of 3-letter codes.

POSTCARD PUBLISHERS (in alphabetical order, but not in 3-letter code order)

PART 1 - UNDIVIDED BACKS (17 Publishers)

PART 2 - DIVIDED BACKS (200 Publishers)

A thru F

G thru O

P thru Z

Verifiable additions to the above list are welcome. If you have access to a scanner, please e-mail a scan of the back and front to or fax to ..
If not, send by snail mail to
P O Box 8391
Honolulu Hawaii 96830

A photocopy of the back and front of each postcard is required.
Your addition(s) will be gratefully acknowledged by viewers of this website.

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